Kind Training Methods

Nat has come to visit my 17 week old Standard Poodle. He doesn’t have any major issues, but I just wanted some advice and help with early training. I am very impressed with Nats kind training methods and her knowledge is second to none. Thank you Nat. Love Tina and Ronnie.

Tina H

Knowledgeable, Professional Dog Trainer

Nat is a very knowledgeable, professional dog trainer. She helped us to socialise our nervous rescue dog. The group walks were very helpful , for us and our dog

Suzanne B

Extensive Knowledge and Calm Manner

Nat has helped us to socialise our very excitable dog. She has used her extensive knowledge and calm manner to help us understand how to control and work with Teddy. We have got results previous dog trainers we have worked with haven’t been able to achieve

Ellie S

Can Not Thank Nat Enough

Nat has been training with my highly excitable Labrador puppy since he was 9 months old. We have been working on good social manners and also calmed down his over the top greeting to all the dogs he likes to greet. The whole process has also strengthened the bond I have with my gorgeous boy and he is far more focussed. I can not thank Nat enough.


Kindness and Knowledge

Nat is a splendid dog trainer who has helped my Romanian ex-stray mongrel to behave like a proper dog. He has enjoyed the ‘pack’ walks which Nat arranged and actually now enjoys walking on the lead and wagging his tail incessantly when he goes to the tailgate of my car for the journey to the village where we walk. I wholeheartedly endorse Nat for her kindness and knowledge as a trainer and will be seeking her help with my dog Kim in future. Thank you Nat.

Elizabeth C

Incredibly Knowledgeable

Nat is incredibly knowledgeable and easy to get along with. Great tips and advice have led to great changes in my dogs behaviour around other dogs within a couple of sessions.

Kay T

For Us She’s The Dog Whisperer

My young border collie, Seren is afraid of everything including her own shadow. She has had the support of our older border collie, but we knew that her days were becoming numbered. Nat organised some social dog walking times and we decided to join the group. We walked at the back with Nat so that she could see and understand Seren’s issues. By the end of the first walk she was walking quite happily along side another dog. The following walk she was happy to be amongst the group. After a few weeks she was so excited to meet all her new doggy friends. She went from a wuss to being quite confident around that group. Then we had a major bombshell in our household our old dog passed away. Nat immediately arranged a series of dog walks for Seren as she was a real mess. These socialising walks have made a real difference to Seren and to me. I know how to deal with situations that seems difficult to Seren and she trusts me to keep her safe. She has grown in confidence around dogs that she’s familiar with and has started making friends with others in the fields we walk in regularly. Seren is a long term project, we know that. We also know that Nat has helped us considerably and know that we can call on her as and when we encounter new problems we need to address. Nat is gentle and empathetic and she works wonders. For us she’s the dog whisperer. I can highly recommend her to anyone whose dog has any issues. Seren loves her to bits. Thank you, Nat.

Carol A

A Natural Dog Trainer

Cannot recommend Nat highly enough. Her knowledge, ability and training technique is second to none.. she truly is a natural dog trainer. Thanks for all your help and support with Hettie.. her progress is clear to see.

Mark S

Always Has Time For You

Nat has been a great help with socialising Teddy, the social walks were exactly what we both needed. Nat takes the time to go through everything with you until you understand and is always contactable.

Jody S

Knowledgable, helpful and resourceful

Nat is extremely knowledgable, helpful and resourceful and has a very calm, realistic and non-judgemental approach to dog training. Her genuine love of dogs enables her to approach training from their perspective, with real understanding and to take things at their pace. Her experience with rescue and foster dogs particularly drew me to her to help with our two strong and reactive rescue girls. The group walks are very helpful for nervous or unsocialised dogs and I look forward to her working one-to-one with them. Thoroughly recommended!

Lucy T H