Star is now available for adoption 💗 so everyone, please form an orderly queue, all applications will be considered for this 5 years old gorgeous girl.

Star may only have 3 legs, but don’t be fooled that she’s any less mischievous than a dog with 4 legs… She doesn’t need much exercise at the moment, but this may change when she’s reached her full mobility. At the moment she spends most of her days just chilling & snoozing, so a comfy bed or sofa is a must for her 😊

She is good with dogs and cats (in her foster home she lives with 2 GSDs, male & female, an old Spaniel who she adores, and a cat).

She will need a home with no stairs getting in & out of the house, and downstairs area mostly carpeted or with non-slip rugs, as she is struggling with her balance on hard or skipper flooring.

She travels well in the car, although she is very scared being carried to & out of it, which is necessary at this stage. As she’s only a small GSD, she’s not too heavy though, so she’s easy to carry (currently approx 23-24kg).

She is fully house trained and can be left without any problems. She would like some canine or feline company 🤩

She will need ongoing physio / hydrotherapy to help with mobility with her back leg, as well as front leg, but this may be short term.

Star is definitely the easiest foster I’ve ever had, so don’t overlook her because of her disability. Dogs can manage life so well on just 3 legs, she has already adapted to it so well. All she needs now is a special home, with someone who will give her a happy life ❤️❣️❤️❣️


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